New total —– 40,000 and counting!

This week, we topped 40,000 gators and neck coolers! More requests continue to arrive. This was forwarded by a grandmother who ordered a dozen for her grandson:

Hey Grandma how are you doing I just got the internet back up after the move here. I just wanted to let you know hat I got here safe and look forward to seeing you when I get home. I aslo wanted to find out about mabey getting some more neck gators they have been hugly popular and every one who recived one said thanks. I didnt have enough for everyone so I was wondering about possibly getting another like 15 of them if that is possible let me know. Also drop me an email any time I alwasy enjoy hearing from you!

Love, Dan


I will be featured on a TV spot called “I challenge Mark”, on WPTZ, Channel 5, here in Vermont. He came today to learn how to make gators! It should help get more people interested in making gators, at least here in the northwestern corner of Vermont! Tune in, Wed, Feb 2.


One Response to “New total —– 40,000 and counting!”

  1. Herdon Says:

    Not in my neighborhood, Mister!

    Buy me something!

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