Thank You notes from soldiers:

Here are a few of the dozens of Thank You emails I have received from grateful service men and women in the Middle East. I have forwarded them to the dozens of men and women from across the country who have been involved in the Project.  They are the ones who deserve these thanks!

I wanted to tell you that James received his package of gators today and he said the guys were psyched! He wanted me to thank you very much for sending them. He told me that the Army issues them, but that these are so much better. He distributed them to his whole platoon and the ones that were left over are going down the gate to be handed out in the morning to the soldiers who are involved in convoys coming into and leaving Iraq through Navistar (where James is). Mom and I made 18 more and are sending them to James this week. He is impressed with the project and said it’s a real morale booster. I thought you’d like to know.
Take care,
I just wanted to say thank you for thinking of us. The gators are coming in handy….

We all appreciate your undying support

Semper Fidelis


SSgt K. A.


Thank you so much for the neck gators!  My Marines are currently standing 4 hour posts, outside, 24-7.  They are in the elements out here and your neck gators are making a huge difference to them!  I really appreciate your heart and your support.  These guys are not only putting them on their necks, but using them in their pockets to keep their hands as well.  With temps getting down into the low twenties, these Marines have raved about the gators and how warm they can stay using them. 

We are also giving them to some of the guys going out on convoys as well.  Although I have not heard their comments back yet, I am sure they will be much warmer up in the turrets and riding along the cold Iraqi roads. 

What a day today was.  We saw 54 people outside a local polling place this morning, in the cold, 40 minutes before it even opened.  Freedom was so important to them that they not only endured the cold, but stood up to the threats of violence.  We are so very proud of them and their resolve to be free. 

 Know that your support helped this happen.  We really are doing the right things here, regardless of the reasons we came or politics of the whole thing. 

 As I find out the addresses of the Marines coming over to relieve us, I will send it on. Please pass on my now ‘warm regards’ to all those participating in sending them out and let them know how much we appreciate them.  Again, thank you.

 Mark J. 


Ms. Skelton,

Mary, it is with deepest appreciation that I send you this e-mail to recognize your tremendous initiative in supporting the military in Iraq. Trust me, you have made a huge difference. I noted the box after box of gators for our Marines and Sailors, and was immediately taken back by your genuine sincerity and caring for those of us on the front end of this war on terrorism, brutality, and injustice. As you may know, the temperatures are very cool at night and in the mornings, and the gators are a God-send as we travel and operate during these hours. You represent the “Heart of America” and what American is all about! When one is flying in helicopters late at night in the freezing cold, the gators offer much warmth in shielding the wind and providing comfort. There is more than enough negative press about our presence here in Iraq. The Iraqi people are no different from what we hold to be precious; freedom, security, opportunity, a safe place to raise a family, and so much more. These are historic times, where we participated in the defeat of a brutal regime under Saddam Hussein, to destroying a very violent insurgency network which is resolved to intimidate, coerce, murder, and assassinate
innocent lives, to the establishment of a free Nation, capable of voting for the first time and begin to experience democracy.

The elections went very well and we all are elated! Considering what this country and its people have endured, this has been a very monumental day in history! Please pass on our many thanks to all those that labor and contribute to this very worthwhile effort. You warm our hearts (and necks) by your
caring and selfless gifts of kindness.God bless you and all your associates!

Thank you and Semper Fidelis, 



Dear Mary,

I was given one of your Gators and to my surprise, it was from home! All the marines here wanted me say thank you and the people who helped you to make them.

The Marine can really use the warm gear here when we go out on convoys. The nights here, get down into the low 30’s and when you are in the back of an open hummer the wind cut you to the bone.

The guys ask where Vermont is and why someone would go through all the trouble to make gators and send them out here to us.

I told them I could not answer that but that they can from people that care about the people over here protecting their freedom.






3 Responses to “Thank You notes from soldiers:”

  1. Judy Kail Says:

    I have made the neck coolers before and would like to make them for the AG team that just left Tennessee for Afghanistan. My son is one of them and I would like to make them for the 64 that went to help them farm.

  2. Sharon Dudley, Army Mom Says:

    I’ve been looking for a pattern for the helmet liner to sew out of single knit fabric. My son is in Afghanistan and is coming up on the sand storms, if you have a pattern or know where I can get one, I will be happy to pay for it.

    I’ve made many of the neck coolers for him when he was in Iraq and my Blue Star Mothers are going to be working up more at the end of this month, but I’m really concerned about finding the easy to sew helmet liner.
    Thank you,

  3. sonja lovejoy Says:

    thank you for every thing you done to help us and i hope you are safe and know that everyone is praying for your guys safe

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