Shipping to the Middle East

Always use Priority Mail to ship to an FPO or APO zip code.  It’s only a little more money, but well worth it! Here’s the key — FPO / APO zip codes begin either with a 0 or a 9. If it begins with a 0, the package goes through New York City; if it’s a 9, it goes through San Francisco.  Priority Mail rates are determined by weight AND distance, so be prepared! From Vermont, a recent shipment through New York cost $6.00, but the same box, if shipped through SFO was over $12.00.  It’s tricky!  

There is a new Flat Rate Priority Mail shipping box, since November, that you can stuff full, for less than $8.00. Save it for the heavy things- not gators!

Regarding the Customs Forms — everything shipped out of the country must have a customs form filled out. These are not available online, you must fill it out by hand. Press hard – it’s 5 layers thick!  Your name and address, the recipient’s name and address, contents and value, are the most important things. Check “gift”, and “priority”. 

In Section 16 of the form, add “any pastor”, in case your recipient can’t receive the package for any reason.  If you have it returned to you, you may have to pay additional postage.  Sign and date the form, and bring it with the addressed package (taped securely closed) to the counter.

If you have other suggestions to include here, let me know! Email me at

7 Responses to “Shipping to the Middle East”

  1. Debbie McGuigan Says:

    Hi. We have 50 neck gators to donate from our neck warmers business. we’ve spoken in the past. i want to confirm the following address:
    RA Apache, Jerrel
    886 ESFS/Golf Flight
    Unit 60508
    APO. AE 09375

  2. Apache, Jerrel Says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for the gators, I am now back from Iraq but all gators will be passed on to the others. You will bring warmth to all who receive one.

    Thank you for your time and support,
    Sra Apache, USAF

  3. Stacie Makin Says:

    My class of fourth graders want to make a difference. We read in he paper about the beanie babies this past week. My students want to know if they can collect and send these cute animals to help other kids.
    So, are more beanie babies needed? and Where should I ship them?

    Stacie Makin

  4. Conny Groves Says:

    I just printed out your instructions for summer and winter gators. Plan on making some for my son (USMC) and his outfit that are being deployed shortly.

  5. Tom Says:

    It would be so helpful if you would put out just the one page of illustrated instructions to be printed out for seamstresses to use more easily.
    When I print out the whole seven pages (no other way to do it, I guess), the illustrations are so dim and blurred that they are almost impossible to read and I need to use the group instructions to figure them out.

  6. Jane Says:

    Hi Mary,

    This fall, while looking at the Nancy’s Notions website, I saw “the Gator project” listed for a Creative Kindness idea. I bought the fabric, cut them out, and had 10 ladies volunteer help put them together. We did a total of 66 neckwarmers. I was so happy to have these ladies help with this special project for our soldiers.

    Here is the problem. In the summer I had a friend from our church who had a brother, a Lieutenant in the Marines, stationed in Afghanistan. Many people from our church took on the project of mailing notes and boxes to the Marines in his unit. About the middle of December, he and his unit were moved to Okinawa. Now I don’t know who, are how I can get in touch with someone to ship these to.

    I found another person in church who has a brother-in-law stationed in either Iraq or Afghanistan. I thought that I might be able to get some info from him. She just sent me an email that over the holidays they heard from him and when asked about sending the neckwarmers, he told them that in his platoon, they are only allowed to wear military issued clothing.

    I am a member of the American Sewing Guild, so a few days ago I got in touch with a leader in a local chapter in the org. and ask if she might have an address where I could find out my next step in sending these out. Being over the holidays, she said she would get back to me. While I’m waiting, I thought that I would approach you on an answer to my dilemma. Can you give me any advice?

    Thank you for your campaign to do this special project for our soldiers.

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